About Us


Our passion for nature’s gift of health drives Vitalize Source to be the premier resource for moringa products. We care about our customers and are devoted to offering top customer service to anyone eager to experience the wonders of Moringa.

We can guarantee the finest purest Moringa leaf because we know the supply chain, beginning with our specially selected USDA organic certified farm. Located in the tropical province of Guayas, Ecuador, our farm contains nutrient-rich soil and natural water sources, making it a haven for the highest quality Moringa trees.

The farm is certified organic for both production and processing, and our powders and tea proudly bear the USDA logo. Our Moringa is processed in the United States at our GMP-compliant facility in Danbury, CT. It is packaged to preserve the maximum nutritional value. Our highly qualified in-house technical staff and formulators meticulously oversee the entire process to ensure every bottle and every bag is bursting with the best nutrients Moringa can offer.

Nature has given us the gift of Moringa to help sustain holistic health and wellness in our lives.

Come on in and let us share this amazing gift with you!